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Deltek University usage

I would like to talk to other users that have used Deltek University for training.  I am really trying find out if the classes are worth the cost.  We have all taken training classes that weren't what we expected or needed.  I would like any feedback you have.  Thanks


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Re: Deltek University usage

we are looking at the Deltek Learning Zone subscription, from what I am told includes all the Deltek University training for a flat yearly price for all the employees at our company and can be repeated as needed. The following is from Deltek:


I wanted to follow up to the outstanding questions you had regarding our Learning Zone.


1)      If you purchase a subscription do you gain access to all of the training including assets you do not own i.e. Vision, PPM, Talent? Yes, you do gain access to all training for all products.

2)      Do the Cognos and T&E “Confidence Builders” pertain to the version of CP owned? Yes, the online help videos would relate to what version you are currently on.  

3)      Are we going to have training for Contract Management? If so, what category does it fall under? Yes, the plan is to have training for Govwin IQ and CRM but that is later in the year.