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Is there a way to do a batch entry (from a spreadsheet) of new projects to the Info Center?

We are preparing to enter a number of new projects into our Projects Info Center.

While we have typically done these individually, is there a way to do a batch entry?


Initially, we would enter basic information for every project:

  • Number
  • Name
  • Firm
  • Client
  • Principal-in-charge
  • Project manager
  • Team members
  • Start date
  • Contract start date
  • Amount
  • City/state


We’d repeat this procedure quarterly at most, to establish records for our newest projects.

What can you suggest?

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Re: Is there a way to do a batch entry (from a spreadsheet) of new projects to the Info Center?

Hi IngridM,


Good day!  Regarding this question - yes, there is a way in Vision to enter multiple project records or by batch entry. This can be done under Utilities > Advanced Utilities > Data Import.  And since this is for info center record, you would need to launch the Advanced Data Import screen, as follows:



Press SHIFT+CTRL + left click to empty space in Data import screen

You will be prompted for a password

Password is (case-sensitive):




  • Advanced Data import is on the line between support and data consulting (billable). We can show you were the utility is; however, we do not support problems that arise when used incorrectly as the Data import is typically done via our Data Consulting group.



If this is the first time you're working on data import for projects, I would suggest trying this first on your Sandbox or Test environment and try importing one record first until you got the mapping correctly. Unfortunately, assistance in mapping the fields between your import file and Vision falls outside of application support.