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Has anyone migrated from Vision 7.6 to Deltek for Professional Services

We are currently in the cloud with Vision 7.6 and are looking forward to migrating to DPS, however, I had a few questions.  I posted a couple through the customer site Deltek set up for DPS, but I found the answers a little troubling.  My first question was would any changes made in the preview environment stay once the production data is migrated.  The answer was 'No'.  So, then I asked how long we would have access to either Vision 7.6 or the preview environment in order to get the all the settings copied over for the live environment.  The answer was that we lose all access once migrated to DPS.  So, Deltek is expecting everyone to take copious notes and screenshots of absolutely everything so that you have to recreate all your settings and configurations that way.  Is that correct?  That seems highly inefficient, things could be missed.  It would definitely help if you had access to your old version for a while.

What has been the experience for anyone else who migrated?


Extremely curious to see how it went.